Reversing Chronic Disease
Reversing Chronic Disease
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Chronic Disease

Chronic disease is complicated and I don’t have the answer for all chronic illness, but my goal for those with chronic health problems is to consider what might be out of balance in your body. As you work through your own imbalances, I cannot help but to believe you will feel much better.

After working with the chronically ill for over 11 years, I have seen dramatic improvements when they correct nutritional deficiencies, hormonal imbalances, and brain chemical imbalances. Also, lowering stress and ridding the body of an accumulation of toxins in the cells and tissues usually provides great relief.  These are often overlooked inside mainstream medicine; but I believe correcting these is important in restoring health.

In the natural world of medicine, IgG food sensitivities are believed to contribute to a wide array of chronic illness. I have seen the elimination of problem foods improve physical and emotional health.

In other words, recovery is a bit of a journey, but it is one of great reward. My own journey has taken some time and work, but hopefully the lessons I have learned will shorten your road to recovery. I am living proof that someone with fibromyalgia can get well. I hope my story will inspire you to consider some fresh, unconventional ideas to restore your own health.

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