Reversing Chronic Disease
Reversing Chronic Disease
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Testimonials for Natural Therapies

Over the past 18 months, Patricia has helped me find the right natural supplements to fit my needs. She has guided me through chronic adrenal fatigue and I am very pleased with the results. I am enjoying restored health and thank God for blessing me with the help I needed. Thank you. I will be forever grateful. 

"About fifteen years ago, my life changed. My energy level in the afternoon hovered near zero. Whenever I was under stress my feel and ankles would swell to the point of having to use crutches. Then several years ago I began to have panic attacks.

When I talked to Patricia two years ago, I began to be hopeful. Soon I had an adrenal test and discovered my adrenal gland was only functioning a little. I began taking several adrenal helps, and over a period of time I began to notice that I no longer felt exhausted, my feet didn't swell and the panic attacks were gone. I feel much better now than I did 10 years ago! Don't give up! There is HOPE!"    


I am doing great! I have lots of energy and have reduced most of my supplements. I have so much energy that I can now do Tae Kwon Do, horseback riding, and weight training. My periods are now regular and are easy. I no longer have migraines and cramps.Bleeding has also normalized. 


After correcting imbalanced that were revealed with saliva testing, my anxiety and nervousness is gone using natural supplements. My numbness and tingling have decreased, and my quality of life has taken a sharp turn upward. My energy level continues to rise and my thinking is sharp.


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